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Kuli Kuli (Spicy Groundnut Chips)


3oz / 80g each

Groundnut, Dried Pepper, Spices, Vegetable Oil


Peppered or Plain Plantain Chips


80g / 3oz each

Plantain, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Pepper


Nut Lovers Variety Pack


Our Nut Lovers Nigerian Variety Pack is a great personal buy or gift option.

Packed with:

3 x Kuli Kuli (Spicy Groundnut Chips) (80g each)

2 x Sisi Pelebe (Sweet Groundnut Chips) (80g each)

2 x Roasted Cashews (40g each)

1 x Plain Roasted Groundnut (40g)

1 x Sugar Roasted Groundnut (40g)


Deluxe Nigerian Variety Snack Pack


Our Deluxe Variety Pack is a great personal buy or gift option that’s packed with all of our Segi Snacks authentic product options.

1 x Peppered Plantain Chips (80g)

1 x Kpekere (Unripe Plantain Chips) (80g)

2 x Chin Chin (Sweet Fried Dough, 2 different shapes) (80g each)

1 x Nigerian Funtime Coconut Chips (35g)

1 x Shuku Shuku (Coconut Balls) (80g)

1 x Gurundi (Coconut Biscuits) (80g)

1 x Kuli Kuli (Spicy Groundnut Chips) (80g)

1 x Sisi Pelebe (Sweet Groundnut Chips) (40g)

1 x Plain Roasted Cashews (40g)

1 x Plain or Sugar Roasted Groundnut (40g) — please select option

1 x Kokoro (Corn Chips) (80g)

Segi Snacks offers a variety of proudly Nigerian, made in Nigeria and Benin Republic (from Abuja, to Lagos, to Abeokuta, to Benin), or hard to find in the US, snacks. With natural ingredients and organic manufacturing methods, these tasty, crunchy snacks can be enjoyed by all ages and most dietary plans. For those who already love 1 (or more) of the authentic snacks we offer, and for those who are looking for new additions to prepared lunches, movie nights, guest offerings, party favors or gift options – this box is for you.


Kuli Kuli – Bulk (12-50)


3oz / 80g each

Spicy Groundnut Chips


Kuli Kuli – Wholesale (51-200)


3oz / 80g

Spicy Groundnut Chips

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